Monday, 4 June 2012

Do I Blog?

Yesterday someone on Facebook asked if anyone blogged.
I reluctantly said "yes, but not in quite a while".
That made me feel guilty.

I then came over to my Blog and read the last entry and realized that I had left everyone hanging!

I'm fine!  I'm ok!  I'm alive!

We returned from Florida (insurance made us) on March 14th and I've been hospitalized another 2 times since then.

My Cardiologist changed some of the meds that my Family Doctor had put me on and then my Family Doctor changed some of the meds that the Cardiologist had me poor mind and body have been reeling from all the changes.

But, I seem to be stable now for the moment.......hopefully for a long, long time.

Yes I have more appointments in the coming weeks with both Cardiologist and Family Doctor, plus a few other doctors and tests thrown in for good measure.

I'm really praying to get good reports from all of them.


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