Monday, 13 June 2011

Allow me to digress, if I may....

Before I get on to the "better life" we had.........

One of the good memories I have of living with Nanny, was that in her backyard she had a huge Double White French Lilac tree.....just at the top of the vegetable garden.

French Lilac

Funny how some memories stay with you because of the look and smell of things......this Lilac tree has always been there in the back of my mind.

I feel bad speaking negatively about Nanny.  After all, she tried her best to help out my parents with my sister and I when our Mom wasn't able to.........not really her fault that we didn't like the way she handled some things.

I think I challenged her more than Lynda did.  Like the time she came upstairs to use the washroom and saw me in the living room dancing around with one of my Mom's cigarettes!!  I think I was about 8 at the time.  She was so upset and I felt so ashamed.  She chose to deal with it in a way that would mean more to me than getting a spanking.  She had a beautiful watch that had a blue sapphire on the part that winds the watch, and she stood Lynda and I in front of her and said that she was giving the watch to Lynda because she didn't smoke.  I was so upset I cried for hours.  But, being the defiant one, I went back upstairs and at the first opportunity, danced around with another one of my Mom's cigarettes, but made sure that the door was closed this time so I wouldn't get caught!  And this time I actually puffed on it!  I sure showed her!

This morning I went off to the nursery in Barrie, and I bought a Double White French Lilac which I am going to plant in our backyard in her memory.  I will call the Lilac "Elizabeth", after Nanny.

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