Tuesday, 14 June 2011

The Big Move........

Well, finally the day came when we would move from Nanny's house to our very own house!
How thrilled and excited we all were.
We all had jobs to do and mine was "special" to me at least.
We lived on a street with parking on one side only, which happened to be the side of the street where our house was.
So, my job was to stand on the sidewalk (too young to be on the road) and if any cars came to park where the moving van was going to be, to kindly ask them not to park there.
I was very good at my job.
Whenever a car would come to park, I would tap on the window and wait for them to either roll down the window or step out of the car and explain "could you please not park here, we are moving today to our very own house and the moving van needs to park in these spots."
Some people were very kind and just moved along, others thought it was their right to park wherever they wanted.  For the ones who didn't want to move I would tell them that it would be best to move the car because I wouldn't be in the neighbourhood anymore and that would be good for them!
They kindly obliged but I didn't know why they were laughing.

Waiting and waiting for the moving van, I was so excited I thought I'd burst.
Finally here it came down the street and I ran back and forth and back and forth yelling "here comes the truck, everyone keep back!"

They started to load up our furniture and then Mom came out and said that we should leave and go to the new house and wait for the moving van there.  We said goodbye to Nanny and she looked very sad but, I haven't told you yet.....we were only moving 3 blocks away!

Our new house was at 4 Emerson Avenue which wasn't far, but it was on the other side of busy Bloor Street.  Mom, Lynda and I easily made the 10 minute walk to our new house and on the way, we stopped at the Real Estate Office and picked up "The Key"!  To me it was a magic key because it would open the door to the rest of our lives!  We could eat popsicles or gum or anything else that our parents would allow!  Imagine!

Mom had the key and off we went, across Bloor Street and over one block to Emerson.  We were so happy Lynda and I kept running ahead and Mom was saying "don't get too far ahead, I have the key so you can't get in!"

We were finally there and we walked up the 3 stairs to the front porch, Mom turned the key and we were home!

4 Emerson Ave (right hand side) the new owners have turned it into a  Triplex
We were so excited we ran through the house from front to back screaming with excitement.  Mom told us we had to be quieter because (we didn't know) there were tenants living in the apartment above us.  That was one of the ways they were able to buy the house, having rent money to help with the payments.

We quieted down as much as we could at 10 and 14 and waited for Dad and the moving truck.  Not long after the truck arrived and Dad took control telling the moving men exactly where to put things.  The house wasn't very big and Lynda and I would share a bedroom but we didn't care because we shared at Nanny's house too.

It seemed to take forever until the moving men were gone and we were left on our own.  We put away as much as we could, Mom made sure that all beds were made first and then we went to a restaurant for dinner which was a very special thing!

I don't remember much after that as I must have fallen fast asleep exhausted from all the excitement.

As my Dad used to say "Night Mare, hope you don't have any"...........

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