Sunday, 31 July 2011

Addictions, Obsessions and Love..............

So let's see, where were we on this voyage.........oh yes......

I've told you about my love of crocheting and I must tell you that it has now turned into an addiction or an obsession.

I cannot go one single day without making SOMETHING......

I take my bag of yarn and hooks, etc. with me wherever I go.  Even if we are just going grocery shopping....only because ultimately we will make several unplanned stops for which I am left sitting in the car waiting for John.......L.C.B.O., Curries Art Store, etc.

So, I take my bag with me and crochet while we're driving along (feels like we get to our destination faster) and whenever we make a stop along the way.

I take my bag of goodies to the pool every day.......swim for a while....get out and crochet.....repeat.

We're usually at the pool from 1 o'clock until 3:30 and I can get a lot done in those couple of hours.
Addiction?  Obsession?  Love?

It's not only the act of crocheting, it's the yarns and the hooks and the patterns.
Not quite every day but close.....I go to Michaels, I go to Walmart and I shop online.
Yarns and Hooks and Patterns, oh my!

One day in early June, I googled " Crochet Baby Blankets", looking for some new pattern to make because I was tiring of granny squares.

It must have been the words "Crochet and Baby" that prompted a picture of one of the cutest, sweetest baby booties I had ever seen!

I clicked on the picture and there they were!  I had stumbled by mistake onto my next crochet addiction/obsession/love: making baby booties, hats, beanies and diaper covers!  It was love at first sight!

The site I had stumbled on was a place called ""......I'd never heard of Etsy but boy I sure know it well now.

It's an online shopping EXTRAVAGANZA..........BEWARE my friends, it is addictive but just wonderful.  Similar to eBay but better because you don't have to bid on just buy!

The patterns for the all of booties were created by a woman named Elizabeth Alan, an air force wife from Tennessee, living in Maryland with her husband and 6 children.  SIX?  Yes six, five girls and one boy.

I loved her story and I ADORED her patterns.  I immediately ordered one of her bootie patterns.  She emailed it to me and I instantly started to make the bootie and it was so well written I was amazed!  I'd never made anything closely resembling anything like a bootie and within 25 minutes I held this gorgeous little thing in my hand and held it up to the sky and said "Kunta Kinte".......well no, to be honest, I didn't hold it up to the sky and say that, but I sure had a HUGE smile on my face........and was totally addicted/obsessed/in love with these tiny little shoes.

Baby Ribbon Mary Janes!

Next day, I ordered another one of her patterns and the next another and so on.  Elizabeth and I emailed back and forth whenever I had any problem with the pattern....even the tiniest problem and she was there within minutes.  Not that the patterns were a a problem, just me doing things wrong.  She has the patience of a saint!

All I could think was "how can this woman have 6 young children and be there for me whenever I need her?"  If she took like 2 hours to reply, she apologized for taking so long!  Imagine! What a wonderful woman!

As I would finish a pair of booties, I would post them on Facebook and the reaction from my friends was  immediate and overwhelming......everyone commented and just raved about them!

I couldn't get over how beautiful they were and that other people thought so too....I was thrilled......

.....and becoming more obsessed/addicted/in love with crocheting........

Where would all this lead?  Stay tuned............

Oh yes, and I must let you know that Elizabeth's pattern shop on Etsy is here:

Take a visit, you'll fall in love!

See you soon..............♡

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