Friday, 22 July 2011

I'm baaaaacccckkkk!

I'm sorry I was gone so long but sometimes I just have nothing to say for myself.......

I received an email from a dear friend the other day who had read my last post and thought that it was kind of depressing and asked if I would write something happier.....just for her.  I said I would.

So here you go Susanne!

We have been stuck in a heat wave, as most of you know, for the past few days and yesterday was the hottest and muggiest day that I ever remember in Ontario.  I've certainly felt hotter and muggier days in Mexico, especially two years ago when we got to Bucerias on October 31st.  For two weeks we could hardly breathe and the pool at our bungalows was under repair so we couldn't even swim.  I don't swim in the ocean so I just kept taking cool showers and sat in front of the fans for relief.

I did the same here at home yesterday, had two cool showers and sat in front of the fan......I didn't even go to the pool yesterday which is very unusual for me.  It was windy so we wouldn't have been able to put up the table umbrella and I didn't want to sit in the sun in that repressive heat!

John toddled off to the pool by himself though.....he loves the sun and can sit in it for hours and hours.  He's so tanned right now....he looks so sexy!  Hmmmm maybe I should have gone to the pool with him....can't have all those ladies gawking at my man!  ha! ha!  Go ahead ladies, enjoy the view.....but remember.......he comes home to me!

My web site is at a standstill just now as my wonderful artist friend Tim has gone off to Newfoundland for a vacation get away........I can picture him in my mind sitting at his easel, down by the ocean, painting away.........nice life.   If you'd like to see his work you can visit his website at

Tim and I were a couple way back in the 70's when we were both young and hippy-like.  We never did drugs though, we were high on life.

Tim would sit and paint or draw for hours on end and I loved watching him create....such a talent.  He also played guitar.......not as good on the guitar as with the brush and pencil but I enjoyed whatever he did at the time.

Tim in 1971

Our relationship wasn't long lived but it was certainly memorable........I can't recall why it ended but it wasn't one of those bad splits, I guess it had just run it's course.  Our lives never crossed paths again until about 6 or 7 years ago, some 30 odd years later.

Tim was at home watching 60 minutes or another show like that and they were talking about a computer site called "Classmates" and for some reason he though of me and went to his computer and put in my name......there I was!

He contacted me through Classmates and I was thrilled to hear from him again.  He was now a very successful painter, married for over 20 years and very happy and content with his life.  This made me feel so good to know that the young part-time painter was now doing what he loved for a teaching art classes.

A few months later, we met for lunch in Markham.......I was so nervous to see him again because I wasn't that young, skinny blonde that I had been on our last meeting.....some 50-60 pounds heavier, still blonde and wrinkled!

I didn't know, but he was thinking the same thing about himself.  He was never blonde, but you get what I mean.

He picked me up at the hospital where I worked.......I got into the passenger seat, and we embraced and then just stared at each other for the longest time.  Seemed that neither of us had noticed how we had changed in looks.

We got to the restaurant, sat across from each other in a booth and it was like the years just melted away.  I guess people never really change......a bit on the outside yes, but inside, we are still the same as we were.

We sat and talked, gabbing about everything and everyone for over two hours and then he drove me back to the hospital. What a great reunion it was.

We remain great friends to this and Facebook mostly but just knowing that we are still friends, happily married to our respective spouses is such a good feeling.  So very many people's relationships fall apart and they never speak again........our friendship makes me feel like this is the way it should be.

Tim in his studio

I'm so looking forward to seeing what he creates with my web site and now you all know the story that goes along with it.  I'll let you know when it's done and I do hope you'll come for a visit!

And I hope Susanne enjoyed my upbeat post today! xo


  1. Absolutley brilliant. I loved it. I could hear your voice telling the story as if we were sitting at the breakfast club. Thank you so much for the post and the pictures. I was so wondering if I would get to see a picture of you both now. The before and after shot. I my great delight there the picture of Tom was. Yes he has changed on the outside but as you said not on the inside. I have some friends back in Scotland and a few here that I can be appart from them for years and pick up where we left off when I see them again.
    Great story girl. Can't wat for the website either.
    you should take up writing, your story was well told. Say hi to John for me the bronze God of Innisfill.
    Love Susanne
    P.S. Mot sure what profile to choose what's that?

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